I want to go out of my way to eat Wonder Table Meat dishes I want to go out of my way to eat Wonder Table Meat dishes

A delicious meat dish that makes you want to eat it the moment you see it. Whether it's juicy steak or crispy roasted chicken, Wonder Table's restaurants offer meat dishes you'll want to eat even if you're willing to go the extra mile. We have a wide selection. Would you like to enjoy meat dishes at a dinner party with friends and colleagues?


  • Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo


    A 130-year-old New York aged steakhouse

    About Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo

    At Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo, the beef is carefully selected by the owner's family, using the skills of an expert eye that has been handed down from generation to generation. increase. We also recommend the Ruger Burger, which is only available at lunchtime and uses aged meat.

    meat dishes to eat

    Aged beef steak. Carefully selected beef is flown in chilled, matured for more than 28 days using our aging know-how, and then grilled in a high-temperature broiler with clarified butter. The more you chew, the more delicious it becomes, and it has a unique taste.

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  • Barbacoa


    The only authentic churrasco restaurant in Japan

    About Barbacoa

    At Barbacoa, which has its main store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, you can enjoy churrasco dishes that use a wide variety of ingredients, mainly beef, and are baked in a custom-made oven. Because it is seasoned only with rock salt, you can enjoy the original sweetness and aroma of the meat. A huge salad bar is set up in the store, and we offer a wide variety of rare South American items such as fresh vegetables, beets and palmitto. We also offer Feijoada, a stewed dish that can be said to be the national dish of Brazil.

    meat dishes to eat

    Picanha is the most popular. It is the part from the waist to the buttocks of the cow, and it has a concentrated umami unique to red meat. First, try it with only rock salt, then add the vinegar-based sauce “Moryo”, and finally try it with the spicy sauce “Pimenta”.

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  • Lawry's the Prime Rib

    Prime Rib

    80 years in Los Angeles, prime rib specialty store

    About Lawry's The Prime Rib

    Lawry's The Prime Rib serves American-style roast beef (prime rib). High-quality bone-in beef marinated in our original spices is slowly grilled for 2-3 hours to lock in the flavor and create a soft finish. The salad is made with simple ingredients and the same dressing recipe as the main restaurant in the United States.

    meat dishes to eat

    Lowry cut from the beginning of the founding. With just the right amount of thickness, the umami comes out with every bite. The recommended doneness is medium to medium rare. You can fully enjoy the lean and soft meat quality. Please enjoy the change of taste by adding 2 types of horseradish.

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  • Obika Mozzarella Bar

    Mozzarella Cheese

    Japan's first 100% buffalo milk fresh mozzarella restaurant

    About Obika Mozzarella Bar

    At Obika Mozzarella Bar from Rome, you can casually enjoy fresh mozzarella cheese flown in from Italy. In addition to simple dishes where you can enjoy the sweetness and richness of the ingredients, we also offer a wide variety of main dishes and pasta dishes that make the most of the flavor. Pizza called Tartufo is made with the same method as Pinsa, which is considered to be the original form of pizza in the ancient Roman era, and you can enjoy the balance between the scent of truffle, the sweetness of mozzarella, and the texture of light dough.

    meat dishes to eat

    Milanese-style veal cutlet. A dish of Italian veal that has been beaten and stretched, submerged in egg mixture with Grana Padano, coated with fine bread crumbs, and deep-fried. It has a light, non-greasy mouthfeel, and is accented by the flavor of butter and the rich taste of cheese.

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  • Union Square Tokyo

    New York Cuisine

    A restaurant where you can feel the culture of USHG , a leading company in the NY restaurant world

    About Union Square Tokyo

    Union Square Tokyo offers a dining culture where you can enjoy New York cuisine that makes use of seasonal local ingredients and share it with your friends to increase your energy for tomorrow. The most popular chef's salad is full of volume, and you can enjoy various ingredients such as 12 kinds of vegetables, grilled chicken, and shrimp. The hamburger made with Iwate Yamagata Shorthorn Beef, which Wonder Table selects and raises using a fattening method, is a one-of-a-kind hamburger where you can feel the original flavor of lean meat.

    meat dishes to eat

    Iwate Yamagata Shorthorn Beef sirloin steak. Rare Wagyu beef raised on natural pastures with a particular focus on feed is used, and is simply grilled with only salt and pepper. It is a steak that is juicy and the more you chew, the more delicious the lean meat spreads in your mouth, and it does not leave an unpleasant greasy aftertaste.

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  • Terres de Truffes, Tokyo


    Japan's first truffle specialty restaurant in Minami Aoyama

    About Terres de Truffes, Tokyo

    tail de truffle In Tokyo, we order high-quality truffles from the best production areas according to the season, and offer dishes that make the most of their charm. Potato black truffle cream sauce (paume de terre) is the No. 1 popular dish at the head office in Nice, France. It is a proud dish that you can enjoy.

    meat dishes to eat

    Japanese black beef steak. The surface is fragrantly sautéed and slowly roasted at a low temperature to create a fine and tender meat, topped with a rich red wine-based sauce and sliced ​​European black truffles. The mellow aroma of truffle envelops the whole with the umami of the meat that melts.

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  • Jean Georges Tokyo

    Modern French

    Modern French from New York, known as a spice magician

    About Jean-Georges Tokyo

    Jean Georges At Tokyo, unlike typical French cuisine, you can enjoy modern French cuisine featuring vegetable and fruit extracts, herb flavors and textures, and different temperatures. The signature menu is egg caviar. The coldness of vodka and lemon juice-added cream, the warmth of potage-like scrambled eggs, and the springiness of caviar. It is a masterpiece that completes the dish in your mouth with the gradation of taste, texture and temperature.

    meat dishes to eat

    Caramelized furuno beef tenderloin. Crisply grilled furuno beef from Kurate, Fukuoka Prefecture, served with a pouch of radish cooked with mustard-flavored essence and smoked chili. The perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness brings out the deliciousness of the meat.

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    Roast Chicken

    Yona Yona Ale Official Beer Restaurant


    At Yona Yona Beer Works, you can taste the largest number of draft beers from Japan's No. 1 brewery, Yo-Ho Brewing. Starting with the representative brand “Yona Yona Ale”, “Indian Ao Oni”, “Wednesday Cat”, "Tokyo Black", You can enjoy more than 10 types such as "Hare no Hi Hermit". We have a wide variety of items that go well with craft beer, such as domestic roast chicken, original sausages, and menus using vegetables directly from contracted farmers.

    meat dishes to eat

    Domestic chicken roast chicken. We use Date chicken and carefully marinate it in our original blend of 14 spices before grilling it. The original deliciousness of the chicken is fully brought out to make it plump and juicy. Each part has a different texture and flavor, so it's fun to experiment and find out what your customers like.

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    Shabu-Shabu Sukiyaki

    A shabu-shabu and sukiyaki specialty restaurant aiming to be the best in the world


    At Momo Paradise, which was established in Tokyo in 1993, you can casually enjoy authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Currently, we have more than 70 stores in 10 areas around the world, and while incorporating the essence of each country, we continue to evolve so that customers can have more fun and more delicious.

    meat dishes to eat

    You can enjoy all-you-can-eat "F1 beef", a crossbreed of Japanese black beef. It is characterized by a good balance of marbling and lean meat. We carefully select meat from all over Japan, and prepare the best condition meat at that time.

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  • Nabezo

    Shabu-Shabu Sukiyaki

    An authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki specialty restaurant that you can casually enjoy

    About Nabezo

    Nabezo is a shabu-shabu and sukiyaki specialty restaurant where you can casually enjoy authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki all-you-can-eat. Meat is best suited for shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, and is carefully cut one by one in-store, and is served to customers in the best condition by thoroughly managing the time and temperature after cutting. .

    meat dishes to eat

    We recommend the special course. You can enjoy the umami and tenderness of the beef from the first bite, and at the end you can enjoy the delicious beef tail soup soaked in the umami of meat and vegetables.

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